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Guild Membership Club

Coming together to form a family of fandom.

Why A Membership?

So many people have so many interests, but it can be hard to find a group good enough to invest one's time with, and that's granted there are even groups available in the local area that match their interest to join! Some groups can be too prestigious or expensive, not friendly or active enough, and some are just so niche they can barely be found at all. But, we at the GMG firmly believe in a diverse place for everyone of all kinds, regardless or gender, orientation, race, religion, class, ability, and most importantly of all, fandom. We believe that this space of diversity should also be affordable and easily accessible within the Boston area. We want to see people connect and form a sense of companionship with people like themselves and be exposed to new areas of interest by those different from them. Through community interaction, we hope to create a welcoming environment where everyone gets an opportunity to teach and learn in ways both fun and life-enriching.

Is There A Fee?

There is an annual membership fee of $20 to joining he Guild Membership Club that grants full community benefits. However, simply being part of the community itself is free of charge. Non-members may not be given the full benefits of a GMC-member, but but they are able subscribe to event newsletters, rent/buy materials, plan events, and hang-out in our space. Regardless of preference, we want all who visit us to have a great time without social judgement.

Membership Benefits

Below is the list of perks that each GMC-member has full access to.

Service Discounts

All vendor patronage, event-hosting, and rental costs are reduced by 20%.

Workshop Access

Host or attend recreational classes with readily accessible resources.

Free Promotion

All members with businesses of their own get free advertisement.

Business Consultation

Entrepreneurs looking to start their own fandom-based business get free advice.


Want to be part of a fun and welcoming community?

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