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About Us

Dedicated to spreading fandom-based opportunity and lifestyle in the Greater Boston area.

Who We Are

We, the Geek Merchants Guild (GMG), are a nonprofit organization operated by passionate individuals geared towards creating a one-stop marketplace solution for independent artists, smaller service providers, and the general public of fandom culture. Among us are many unique artists and aspiring business entrepreneurs eager to cater their talents to fellow consumers and supporters.

Our History

Since as far back as the late 00’s, we have noticed the growing interest in pop culture such as animation, gaming, and other types of niche hobbies that society considers “geeky”. Upon encountering these unique individuals in collage clubs and local event groups, it was quick to see that such interests came in many forms and styles then ever expected and the way they easily crossed and coagulated was nothing short of inspiring.

We learned that many of the people in these groups were going to school to master their craft, while others were exploring around to see where their personal tastes and talents would lead them. There were even those that struggled to find their place in the world due to social challenges that found a haven in one geeky community or another. Most of us were already strong supporters of the local businesses that reflect our niches, but we also felt that there was more to offer these Boston-based groups aside from what was already available. That is where we decided to take initiative, not only to provide opportunities that give artists and merchants more options, but to also expand themselves as unique individuals through a sense friendly competition and community.

Our Motive

For many in the community, fandom isn't just a hobby or a simple flight of fancy, it's serious way of life. Just as many careers are fastened to one area of interest or another, so are the interests and lifestyles of fans. For some, fandom IS their career, ranging from the professional 3D figurine printer to the popular cosplayer with the eye for perfect detail. We at the GMG are inspired by these amazing people and want nothing more than to see them and others of their crafts reach the high levels of success and happiness they deserve. But how can we do that when opportunities are mostly limited to yearly conventions and special occasions? Why can't these talented individuals and their consumers have some fandom fun on a more frequent basis? The GMG believes that they can and should and we believe that there's no better place to make that happen than right here in, Boston, Massachusetts!


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